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Computer-Aided Drafting and Modeling, CSC

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PURPOSE: This one-year program prepares students for entry-level jobs as drafters in the architecture, construction, manufacturing, and technology fields. This program is offered at the Chester Campus. All career-technical degrees are guided by input from local business leaders. All career-technical degrees are guided by advisory committees comprised of local business leaders. : 

CREDENTIALS:  A Career Studies Certificate (CSC) is a program of study typically less than one year in length with a major in a career-technical area. Students receiving a CSC intend to pursue immediate employment.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Students must meet JTCC admission requirements. New students should visit the Advising Center and returning students their faculty advisor for more information.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES: By the completion of this program, students will be expected to demonstrate an introductory level of competency in the following skills:

  1. Use computer-aided design software to produce accurate working drawings. 
  2. Demonstrate skills in the use of file management.
  3. Apply professional skills in one of three technical tracks:  architectural, civil terrain, or parametric modeling.

Required Courses

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
CAD 201 - Computer Aided Drafting and Design I Additional Course Option: CAD 151.  3 credits
CAD 202 - Computer Aided Drafting and Design II

Prerequisite(s): CAD 201 or CAD 151.

3 credits
CAD 231 - Computer Aided Drafting I (Offered Fall Only) Additional Course Options: CAD 260. 3 credits

Choose a Technical Track: 9 Credits

Architectural Track

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
ARC 221 - Architectural CAD Applications Software I 3 credits
ARC 222 - Architectural CAD Applications Software II

Prerequisite(s): ARC 221

3 credits
ARC 258 - Building Codes, Contract Documents and Professional Office Practices 3 credits

Civil Terrain Modeling Track

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
CIV 171 - Surveying I

Prerequisite(s): Engineering Technical Mathematics or divisional approval.

3 credits
GIS 101 - Introduction to Geospatial Technology I

Prerequisite(s): Basic Computer Literacy.

3 credits
CIV 172 - Surveying II Additional Course Option: GIS 102. 

Prerequisite(s): CIV 171 or by permission of instructor.

3 credits

Mechanical (Parametric Modeling) Track

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
CAD 241 - Parametric Solid Modeling I 3 credits
CAD 242 - Parametric Solid Modeling ll

Prerequisite(s): CAD 241 or instructor permission.

3 credits
MAC 150 - Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing 3 credits

Total Minimum Credits to Complete: 18


Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements can be found in course details.

Students should regularly meet with their faculty advisor and check their degree progress by accessing advisement reports in the Student Information System (SIS) in the myTyler portal or the Academic Planner in Navigate.