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Fine Arts Certificate

PURPOSE: This one-year program prepares students for jobs in art and design.   This program is offered at the Midlothian Campus.

CREDENTIALS: A Certificate is a program of study typically less than two years in length with a major in a career-technical area.  Students receiving a CERT intend to pursue immediate employment.

TRANSFER INFORMATION: This program provides a coherent set of university parallel courses corresponding to the first year of art foundation study in the visual arts. The program may be applied toward art education, art history, crafts, fashion design, filmmaking, graphic design, illustration, interior design, museum studies, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and other art-related fields. Students desiring to transfer should consult their academic advisors and their intended transfer institutions for specific direction in program and course selection. More information can also be found at

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Students must meet JTCC admission requirements. Students may need to complete placement tests in English and mathematics. Visit for all course placement options. If students have deficiencies in English, JTCC offers developmental and prerequisite courses to prepare students for the curriculum. New students should visit the Advising Center and returning students their faculty advisor for more information.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES: By the completion of this program, students will be expected to demonstrate an introductory level of competency in the following skills:

  1. Critically evaluate personal studio art projects and those of other students through the process of critique.
  2. Assemble a portfolio of visual works and projects that can be used to demonstrate professional readiness.
  3. Write a professional resume, cover letter, and artist statement.

Required Courses

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
SDV 100 - College Success Skills 1 credit
ENG 111 - College Composition I

Prerequisite(s): Qualifying placement score or test waiver.

3 credits
ART 101 - History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic 3 credits
ART 180 - Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 credits
ART 121 - Foundations of Drawing 3 credits
ART 131 - Two-Dimensional Design 3 credits
ENG 112 - College Composition II

Prerequisite(s): ENG 111 or equivalent with a grade of C or better, or departmental approval.

3 credits
ART 102 - History of Art: Renaissance to Modern 3 credits
ART 122 - Drawing II 3 credits
ART 132 - Three-Dimensional Design 3 credits
ART 130 - Introduction to Multimedia 4 credits
ART 287 - Portfolio and Resume Preparation 1 credit

Total Minimum Credits to Complete: 33


Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements can be found in course details.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their ENG, MTH, and SDV requirements first.

Students should regularly meet with their faculty advisor and check their degree progress by accessing advisement reports in the Student Information System (SIS) in the myTyler portal or the Academic Planner in Navigate.

ART 287  represents a course in which students must develop a portfolio during their last semester of study.