2020-2021 College Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jun 26, 2022  
2020-2021 College Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Register for Classes


Class Registration

Registration involves reserving a space in the class(es) selected and paying tuition. Information on the dates and location of registration is listed online at www.jtcc.edu. Allowance is made for late registration, but a student may not enroll in a course after the last day to add without approval from the appropriate division office. Students who have outstanding financial obligations from previous semesters with the John Tyler Community College Business Office, Bookstore, or Library or have outstanding financial obligations for parking violations or owe any college within the Virginia Community College System the amount of equal to or above $500 are not permitted to register for classes until their accounts have been paid in full.

Dropping a Course

Students may drop a course with a full refund only during the first 15 percent of the course.  Drop w/refund dates are published in the academic calendar and in course syllabi.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty during the first 60 percent of the course.

Withdrawing cannot be done online.  It must be done through the Office of Admissions and Records either in person or by emailing admissionsandrecords@jtcc.edu with a VCCS email account. The student will receive a grade of “W” for withdrawal. After the deadline to withdraw, the student will receive the grade earned at the end of the course. (In the case of mitigating circumstances documented by the instructor and approved by the dean, a grade of “W” may be awarded after the 60% deadline.) Administrative withdrawals may be initiated by an instructor in the event of excessive absences on the part of the student. Students should refer to the syllabus. In addition, an instructor may recommend withdrawal if it is believed a student is experiencing undue academic difficulty.  Students on financial aid are strongly encouraged to meet with a financial aid counselor before withdrawing from any class, as it may result in significant financial burden on the student. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the consequences for not withdrawing. Students are responsible for reviewing final course grades in their myTyler account at the end of the academic term. Per VCCS policy, the College may not expunge a student’s course enrollment after the last day to drop with a refund.

Instructional Modes

JTCC categorizes classes using one of four instructional modes. All class sections should be appropriately identified using the definitions below. Instruction modes provide critical information to students by setting expectations for their learning experiences. These definitions are to be used in conjunction with the Schedule of Classes.

  • Seated classes
    Seated classes are traditional, in-person classes that provide a face-to-face learning experience. Seated classes meet at a regularly scheduled time. Seated classes do not have any special designation in the course schedule.

    Hybrid Classes
  • Hybrid classes are courses that meet in person for approximately half of the time of a seated class. The remaining instructional time is structured with out-of-class activities and/or online learning. Hybrid classes are recognizable in the course schedule by the “R” designation in front of the course section number.
  • Online Classes
    Online classes are courses where all coursework and interactions with the instructor and classmates are completed online. There is a requirement of two proctored activities. Proctored events can be completed at the JTCC Testing Centers, testing sites at other VCCS colleges, any approved site outside of the state of Virginia, or through our video-enabled proctoring vendor (offered at the discretion of the instructor). Online classes are recognizable in the course schedule by the “N” designation in front of the course section number. The College subscribes to the core principles of Quality Matters™ helping us to ensure, through an ongoing review process, that our online classes are of the highest educational quality.

    Online SSDL Classes
  • The College also offers online courses through Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL). SSDL courses are offered in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC). These courses allow students to earn JTCC credit while taking an online course with a NVCC instructor, as well as use the JTCC Testing Centers to take proctored assessments. Students enrolled in SSDL courses have access to all JTCC services, as well as services provided by NVCC. Students enrolled in SSDL courses will receive a letter from NVCC and an invitation to participate in an online orientation, and a JTCC liaison provides support during the semester. SSDL courses follow the NVCC academic calendar. Please review course notes for start and end dates. All SSDL courses have a section number that begins with the letters “NV.”

Students enrolling in online or hybrid courses need constant, reliable internet access and should know how to use the internet and e-mail. Online courses and the online portion of hybrid courses are accessed through Canvas.

Canvas is an online learning management system that provides web space for course information such as announcements, syllabi, course documents, lectures, and other materials specifically related to individual courses. Students have access to Canvas via the myTyler single sign-on. Instructors have until the first day of class to make the Canvas course available to students.

Students can locate tutorials on how to navigate Canvas on the JTCC web site or by clicking on the Help and Support button in the course menu of every course. Students may also download free antivirus software and locate student computing discounts in the Canvas system. Students may receive assistance during business hours with Canvas or their student Gmail accounts by filling out this help request form: http://www.jtcc.edu/mytyler/mytyler-help-forms/

  • Test Proctoring
    Online courses typically require proctored tests or activities.  Each campus has a Testing Center where students may complete the proctored requirements of a course. JTCC offers access to online proctoring that allows students to complete computer-based exams in the comfort of their own home. A reliable internet connection, webcam, and other technical requirements are necessary. Students are observed via a remote connection to the student’s machine to view computer and student activity. The use of this tool is offered at the discretion of each instructor and may not be available in all courses.